Find out why handwashing is a great practice from our walk-in clinic in Leander, TX.

Some of the biggest tragedies in human history were totally preventable illnesses. A little over a hundred years ago, the Spanish Flu infected about one-third of the planet’s population. And to this day, we still remember the bubonic plague—as reflected in the popular nursery rhyme, “Ring Around the Rosie.” But with proper medical practices, these tragedies could have been less serious than they were. Even something small like proper hand-washing could have saved millions of lives. And that is a truth that stands even today. Discover more about the effects of hand-washing from our walk-in clinic in Leander, TX. You never know—this information could save a life.

What Are The Facts?

Ever since we began introducing better medical practices, the population has skyrocketed. And, surprisingly, much of it has to do with washing our hands. 

According to the CDC, germs can spread through anything we touch. So, when we touch our face, these germs can spread to us, making us ill. But, by using proper hand-washing, we can fight these germs and save lives.

For proper hand-washing, first lather your hands with soap. Remember to get every surface, not just your palms. Then, wet your hands and lather the soap for about 20 seconds. An easy way to keep up with this is by singing the alphabet as you clean. Afterwards, use a dry, clean towel or let them air dry. If the towel isn’t clean, washing your hands was for naught. But, how do we get our hands so dirty in the first place?

The Dirtiest Places We Visit

We tend to not think about it, but we interact with germs every day. And some places are much worse than others. Of course, we all know about how toilet seats are covered in germs, but what other dirty common items do we come in contact with?

  • Your phone. Often, these are dirtier than a toilet. Simply due to the fact that we touch things everywhere, then touch our phone. Add touching your face to the mix, and that’s a good recipe for possible illness.
  • Handles. No matter if it’s a door handle, car handle, or even a cart handle—we touch them every day. And if they’re in a public space, then they’re touched by who knows how many people.
  • Keyboards. In today’s world, nearly everyone has a computer. Some people use them to do their jobs. After touching them so often, it’s entirely possible that germs are living there.

Rails, buttons, levers… our hands come into contact with a lot of things, and we don’t even think about it. So, what do we do? We can’t always wash our hands at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, we live in a modern age, so there are other precautions you can take.

Additional Precautions

So hand-washing isn’t all we can do, right? Thanks to the CDC, we’re able to share more helpful information that, if used properly, can save a lot of people. Especially for a walk-in clinic in Leander, TX, like ours. Additional steps include the use of other personal protections (such as masks), correct coughing technique, and sterilizing any services you come in contact with. 

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