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The flu is a constant threat to our health. But with COVID-19, it’s obvious that not everyone understands quite how the flu works or how to treat it. And because many individuals either don’t understand or aren’t concerned, thinking it’s no worse than the common cold, they don’t get their flu shots. This translates into more flu infections every year that could have been avoided. Understand more about how the flu can impact your health as well as how it can be treated and prevented. And get your flu shots at our Leander urgent care as soon as possible to keep yourself and those around you healthy and safe.

How We Get the Flu and Treating the Illness

If you or a loved one catches the flu, you could be looking at a very different experience than someone else, depending on the severity of the strain.

First, let’s examine how a person can contract the flu. This virus can be inhaled via droplets or transmitted through physical contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. It can be transmitted directly through others or indirectly by touching a contaminated surface. Often, we may get the virus from others before they even know they’re sick. Those with the flu are actually at their most contagious in the first three or four days after their illness begins. Although, it is still possible to pass the virus to others at other times. 

Symptoms are another story. These don’t typically begin until the second day of infection, but they may present themselves within one to four days. Once symptoms do begin to show up, it’s important to address them as soon as possible. While many people have manageable reactions to the flu, not everyone is so lucky. There are often individuals who contract a more serious strain, leading to more severe symptoms and complications, such as pneumonia or even death. That’s why many doctors provide antiviral drugs, even for lesser strains. For some, these treatments could be the difference between recovery and a serious health event. And for those with lesser strains, these treatments may hasten recovery time. Either way, it’s important to not take the chance. 

It’s important for those with the flu to take the time to separate themselves from others and care for their needs. You may need to schedule an appointment with your nearest urgent care. In addition, it is also important to minimize contact with others as much as possible, stay hydrated, and maintain good hygiene to promote healing and stay healthy. If you’re treating someone else with the flu, please keep yourself safe with proper practices. Living in a world impacted by COVID-19 has made us much more conscious of these practices as we continue to wear masks and wash our hands regularly. 

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