Find pre-employment physicals Leander, Texas.

Ensuring your business meets its goals can be a challenge in itself. But Family First Express Care is ready to make things easier. We offer several health services that businesses depend on to keep things running smoothly. When you need injury treatment services for on-the-job accidents, drug and alcohol testing, or pre-employment physicals in Leander, Texas Family First Express Care is ready to help. 

These services can help your employees start working sooner and return to work faster. And this, in turn, can be beneficial to your business’s bottom line. Learn more about the excellent employer services available at Family First Express Care. And discover how the advantages that these services could provide for your organization.

How Family First Express Care Can Serve Your Business

It makes sense that business owners only want to offer the best care and services to their employees. But, it’s also important to factor in the costs of these services, which can sometimes be surprising. At Family First Express Care, businesses can find the healthcare services they need without breaking the bank. Our goal is to provide speedy, cost-effective, and efficient services for employers. And our approach is intended to cut down on the time employees spend away from work while also reducing the overuse of medical services. Additionally, our services can help in minimizing OSHA recordables and reducing the average insurance cost per case.

Providing Medical Services Businesses Rely On

The trained and experienced medical professionals at Family First Express Care offer a variety of valuable healthcare services to meet employers’ needs. So, whether you need drug and alcohol testing, injury treatment, or pre-employment physicals in Leander, we’re ready to help. Explore our services to find the ones that could be most beneficial to your business.

Injury Treatment

Our injury management services can often help employees return to work faster. This includes creating a treatment and rehabilitation plan that’s effective practically and financially. Also, we stay in contact throughout the process to keep you up to date. So, if your employee suffers an injury and we can treat it, it can prevent the financial burden of a trip to the emergency room.

Pre-Employment Physical Exams

When you have a potential new employee, you need to make sure they’re ready for the responsibilities of the job. Family First Express Care offers physical examinations that can help you and your potential employee know whether it’s safe to start. Additionally, we provide physical exams that can determine whether an employee is fit to return to work after an absence.

Drug and Alcohol Tests 

An employee who works while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be a liability to your business. The certified collectors at Family First Express Care can help you test your employees for the use of alcohol and illegal drugs. And this, in turn, can help you keep your employees and your organization safer.

Find Injury Treatment, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and Pre-Employment Physicals in Leander

When you need medical services and treatment for your business, trust Family First Express Care to deliver. Simply visit our New Client Account Setup page and fill out the form to begin the process or the Employer Services Inquiry if you have questions. Keep your employees healthier and your costs down with Family First Express Care.