New Year Wellness With Our Urgent Care Near North Austin

It’s a new year! Are you and your family prepared to stay on top of your wellness? Our urgent care near North Austin can help you with preventative tips and wellness suggestions to help you start the year off strong. Here are simple tips from Family First Express Care for a healthy start to the New Year.

1. Pay Attention to Salt and Sugar Intake

Diets with high salt, fat, and sugar content can lead to serious health issues. These include high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, and obesity. By limiting your salt intake and eating complex sugars from fruits, you can reduce negative impacts on your health. While several foods naturally contain sodium, including meat and shellfish, you can control your additional salt intake by limiting or cutting out processed snacks and salt-heavy condiments. You can do the same for sugar consumption by avoiding sugary drinks and processed sweets. Instead, reach for fruits with natural sugars to curb your cravings!

2. Manage a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to your wellness. Your weight and waist size can contribute to other health risks, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To prevent serious health events like heart attack, stroke, and general stress on your body, manage your weight with diet and exercise. And don’t forget to talk with your doctor about a healthy range for your weight or more tips for weight management. Regular exercise, plenty of sleep, and a balanced, nutrient-rich diet can all contribute to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water doesn’t just curb your thirst. It helps to keep your body healthy and functioning properly! From regulating temperature to fighting infections, hydration is key to daily wellness. Daily water intake varies from person to person depending on their gender, age, and health status. However, the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommend a daily 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. To add some interest to plain water, consider slicing fruit or cucumber into your glass for added flavor and hydration! You can also add coffee and tea to your rotation along with your water intake. Just remember to avoid sugary drinks.

4. Get Your Vaccines

Due to the yearly spread of the flu and the unknowns of the COVID-19 virus and its variants, vaccinations have become our first line of defense against sickness. And yes, both shots are necessary. The two vaccines target two different illnesses. However, studies have shown that patients who receive their flu shot had a 24% lower risk of testing positive for COVID-19. So not only can these two vaccines ward off their corresponding disease, but they may also increase the efficacy of the other! Talk to your healthcare professionals at our urgent care near North Austin to schedule your family’s flu and COVID-19 vaccines today.

5. Prioritize Your Mental and Physical Wellness

The new year can bring new stress factors. And these stressors can impact your physical and emotional wellbeing. This is why it is important to carve out time for your health! Plan healthy meals to bring to work each day. Enjoy a walk around the neighborhood or at the gym for exercise. Pick up a hobby, like reading, crocheting, or learning to play a new instrument. By choosing positive activities and healthy lifestyle habits, you can set standards for your physical and mental health as you enter the new year.

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