Looking for the best CDL physicals in Leander?

If you drive commercial vehicles for a living, your employer may require a CDL physical. This is standard practice to confirm that your health does not inhibit your ability to operate oversized vehicles. Your results determine whether or not you can drive these vehicles within city limits. This applies to interstate driving, as well. Let’s look at what CDL physicals are, what each examination entails, and the fast, efficient examination services you can find at Family First Express Care in Leander, Texas.

Who Needs CDL Physicals, and What Are They?

To begin, let’s define a CDL. This is a Commercial Driver’s License. This differs from a traditional driver’s license in that it certifies the owner to operate large-scale, commercial vehicles. Tank trucks, city buses, 18-wheelers, and dump trucks are all examples of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). In some cases, these drivers may be transporting hazardous waste materials or flammable materials. Others may be responsible for inner-city travel.

The thing is, this vocation requires the driver to spend many hours on the road and seated. It is imperative that your physical and mental health do not interfere with your driving. This is both for your wellbeing and that of the public. For this reason, CDL physicals are often required.

CDL physicals—also referred to as DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exams—follow guidelines given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This physical provides a comprehensive evaluation of the driver’s health. It also supplies an audit of their medical history. A passed examination certifies a driver to operate their commercial vehicles. Likewise, a failed examination gives the medical examiner the right to deny certification.

Most urgent care services are equipped to perform these physical examinations. For example, those needing CDL physicals in Leander, TX can find fast, expert care at Family First Express Care.

What Does A CDL Physical Consist Of?

Certified medical examiners (CMEs) conduct each physical. CDL physicals cover a wide range of health tests and take your full medical history into account. What can you expect from this physical?

  • A specialist will administer a hearing test and vision test to determine your visual and auditory abilities.
  • Your blood pressure will be taken as well as your pulse rate to check for any unusual levels.
  • A urinalysis test is used to indicate conditions such as diabetes, liver issues, and metabolic conditions.
  • Lastly, a full physical evaluation will be conducted to check the health of your lungs, eyes, neurological health, and more.

In addition, there are a few items that you must bring with you to your examination. These include any recent diabetic lab results, visual or hearing aids (if applicable), and a medical history report from your cardiologist if you have cardiovascular issues.

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For those in Leander, Family First Express Care is your destination for comprehensive CDL physicals. Our CMEs are happy to conduct your exam and ensure that you meet all necessary requirements. Remember to bring all additional items necessary for your physical exam. Please remember that appointments are not needed for DOT exams. Simply check in on our website, or call us today at 512-318-2430!