At Family First Express Care, we are committed to offering our patients the very best care. See what our patients are saying about us!

The welcome and reception all the way thru the care was awesome. Was very helpful and assisted my wife and I to get the right testing for our 20 year anniversary trip to France. Just all around awesome. Made us feel like Family.

Tim M.

I’ve been into the clinic three times. Each time I have been treated extremely well. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable and courteous. Very well done!!

Tyson H.

Great staff! Listens to the patients, and makes me feel comfortable. They care about their patients.

Mark R.

The ladies were very helpful and let me know anything and everything I need to know about Covid.

Russell K.

The staff was courteous, professional and very personable. I can tell they love their job and they have fun where they work. It made the experience pleasant.

Pamela W.

This was the best urgent care experience I have ever had. The receptionist/technician was very friendly and organized. The PA I saw was very knowledgeable and efficient.

Macy S.

FFEC took great care of me when I had a medical issue while traveling from out of state. I am so grateful to them for their care.

Martine M.

First impressions are everything. The staff here are professional and helpful. Doctor Christopher Wallace was very straightforward and to-the-point with his diagnostic reviews. He even helped me with an issue that I had yet to address. For me, it is that type of professionalism that helps me want to take my health seriously again, especially after such a challenging year this past year. I greatly appreciate the nurse and front desk clerk who were warm and welcoming. They made it easy to communicate and most importantly the entire staff listened. Please, keep up the great work! You’re professionalism, you’re dedication, and most importantly, you’re compassion went a very long way. I hope others will get to share in that same experience. Thank you!


Was treated very well. Chris was on top of his game. Sent me to the hospital and that could of saved me from a stroke. I have used Family First Express Care twice when my Doctor was unavailable. I’m very impressed with my treatment at Family First Express Care.

Pamela P.

The staff was awesome and Doc even followed up a couple of days later to give me my results and see how I was doing. In this age of “go to our portal”, it was extremely nice to have the human experience again. Definitely recommend for any urgent care needs.

Donna B.