3 Reasons to Seek Headache Treatment in Leander

At some point, we all experience a headache. There are several different types of headaches. And the pain can range from dull to sharp, throbbing, and everything in between. Because headaches are so common, many people who suffer from the condition may try to tough it out. But this is not always the right approach to take. In some cases, headaches can be brought on by specific causes. But, when these causes are addressed, it can reduce or eliminate the circumstances that produce those headaches. At Family First Express Care, we treat patients suffering from headaches and many other non-emergency illnesses and injuries. Are you searching for headache treatment in Leander? If so, read on to learn more about some of the common causes of headaches. And find out how our team of caring and dedicated healthcare professionals could help you.

3 Common Headache Causes

When you experience a headache that seems to linger or reoccurs regularly, it’s natural to want to find a solution. And sometimes the root cause of a headache is something that can be avoided or easily treated.

1. Acute Sinusitis

Sinuses are spaces inside the cheekbones, forehead, and behind the nose. In some instances, they can become inflamed, swell, and produce more mucus. The sinus pressure created by the fluid can lead to headaches. Pressure can begin to build up behind the cheeks, forehead, and eyes, which in turn causes pressure headaches. When you are experiencing this pain, especially if it continues for days, it may be best to seek headache treatment from our express care in Leander.

2. Dehydration

Did you know that a lack of hydration can result in a headache? This kind of headache is described as aching in the majority with pain increasing during certain types of movement. Types of movement include head movement, walking, and bending over. A 2004 study found that, of 34 subjects experiencing headaches due to water deprivation, 33 received, “total relief” after hydrating, while one subject required sleep in addition to fluid intake. The Mayo Clinic recommends about 15.5 cups of water a day for men and about 11.5 cups a day for women.

3. Tension

There can be several factors that can contribute to a tension headache. For example, focusing heavily on a screen without resting one’s eyes can lead to eye strain. And this, in turn, can result in a tension headache. They can also be caused by caffeine (either too much or withdrawals), jaw or dental problems, anxiety, fatigue, hunger, and even poor posture. But, again, if you have a tension headache that lingers, or if it reoccurs on a regular basis, it may be time to check in with us for headache treatment in Leander. 

Do You Need Headache Treatment in Leander?

If you are seeking headache treatment services in Leander, trust Family First Express Care to help. Our trained medical professionals are ready to examine your condition and help you feel better, sooner. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also save time with our online check-in or call 512-318-2430. Don’t struggle with headaches or other non-emergency health issues any longer than you have to. Stop in for affordable and effective care today!